Jack Gantos: great author and lousy criminal

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

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Wait, Wait…don’t tell me! is an NPR radio show and podcast that looks at the past week’s news in a very humorous way. Every week they have a guest star play a game called, “Not my job”. The game rules aren’t important it’s one of the guests I want to talk about.

Being NPR, the guests are usually politicians, cerebral celebrities and authors. On the July 28, 2012 edition, the guest was children’s author and newly minted Newbery Medal winner, Jack Gantos. A lot of times these guests surprise me with their personalities, but Gantos upped the ante with his revealing revelations and extreme wit and self-deprecating humor.


GantosJPG (Photo credit: messylibrarian)

It seems before Jack Gantos was an award-winning children’s author, he served 18 months in a federal penitentiary for drug smuggling. Big revelation, huh?!

WWDTM’s host Peter Sagal‘s interview with Gantos was one of the best I’ve heard on that program. Gantos’s description of his brief career as a hapless drug smuggler and his eventual capture by the feds had the studio audience, and me, in stitches.

You can listen to the interview here, or read the transcript here.

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