Baseball movies, you gotta love ’em!

I love baseball in general and the Cleveland Indians in particular, so I’m very excited that opening day is just around the corner!

I also love a good baseball movie and lucky for me there have been some really great ones.

The Pride of the Yankees

One of my favorites is a movie that came out in 1942, The Pride of the Yankees.  Starring Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright. Pride of the Yankees tells the story of Iron Horse Lou Gehrig. Gehrig was a phenomenal ball player who set many MLB records but was best known for playing 2130 consecutive ball games. Wow! At the height of his career Gehrig was diagnosed with ALS and had to retire from the game he loved. This movie depicting his life is a real tear jerker, better have your tissues ready.


Damn Yankees (film)

Damn Yankees is a musical and a baseball movie. Originally on Broadway, Damn Yankees musical numbers were choreographed by renowned choreographer Bob Fosse and starred his wife, the sensational dancer Gwen Verdon as Lola.  Joe Hardy, a Washington Senators fan, makes a pact with the devil to help his team beat the NY Yankees.  Applegate aka The Devil, played by the wonderful Ray Walston, gives Joe back his youth and gifts him with extraordinary baseball skills so that he can join the Senators and become a baseball sensation. There of course is a catch, there always is with the devil and Joe is in jeopardy of losing his soul.

I love a good musical!


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