Bookends by Artori Design

I’m going to deviate from the norm a little bit this morning and talk about a design studio I located through the web. Believe you me when I say that I am not very well known for my design skills, my sense of fashion or my ability to pick a simple paint color for my living room wall….but when I see something I like I know it!

I guess this is a tad book related because the items that first drew me to Artori Design were their very quirky bookends.


I just love them!




If you go on the link (Artori Design) you will see that the designer and artist,  Ori Niv, has put his unique spin on other, usually mundane, household items.  These include holders for paper towels, wine, and tissues as well coat racks, clocks and sculptures.  Mr. Niv has truly turned the ordinary into extraordinary!

I think these bookends would be a terrific gift idea for the book lover in your life!  Doing a little research I found that carries them for a very reasonable price! (hint hint family)


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