Mad Men is Bewitched

Mad Men

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I’m pretty excited about the return of Mad Men next month. It’s been a long time, 17 months, since season four ended, and it’s a testament to the show, that after that long of a hiatus the fans are still enthusiastic for its fifth season. A lot of shows would have just fizzled out and died with that big of a break in the action. 

I remember that the first thing that popped in my head when I saw the first episode of Mad Men was that this is a grown up version of Bewitched —without the magic!  Or, at the very least, series creator, Matthew Weiner, must have been just a tad influenced by my favorite show of all times!

Just look at these amazing similarities:

  • Bewitched was filmed in the 60’s~~Mad Men is set in the 60’s  
  • Darrin Stephens works in an agency ~~Don Draper works in an ad agency
  • Larry Tate is a prematurely white-haired ad exec ~~Roger Sterling is a prematurely white-haired ad exec 
  • Samantha Stephens is a blonde witch~~Betty Draper is a blonde witch 

Come on go with me here! Regardless of whether my old favorite show, Bewitched,  influenced one of my new favorite shows, I’m sure glad Mad Men is returning soon.

….now if they could just add an Endora-like character I think Mad Men would be complete….


3 thoughts on “Mad Men is Bewitched

  1. Haha! “Betty Draper is a blond witch” sold me on your comparison. I’m also anxiously awaiting Mad Men’s return. I bought seasons 1 – 4 when they were on sale for 10 bucks each at Target a few months ago because I’ve missed it so much.

  2. I really need to rewatch the whole last season. It’s been so long since it was on I’ve forgotten all that’s happened! I wish I’d known about the Target sale, that’s a great price!

  3. This is a great joke. Darrin and Don even have similar awful haircuts and greasy foreheads. Mad Men is about what was happening down at the office while the witch stayed home in the suburbs.

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