Hollywood Glam

I’ve always been fascinated with old Hollywood. The Art Deco designs, the slinky peignoirs and the glamorous stars. So, when a few years ago I got to spend a couple of days in Burbank I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Hollywood.  I was warned that the Hollywood of today is not the Hollywood I was imagining, but I didn’t care. So I hopped on a subway (I know who knew LA has subways!) and got off at the Hollywood Blvd exit. I was so excited to finally be there and I was prepared to be disappointed but I wasn’t, because the first thing I saw was the most gorgeous Art Deco building I’ve ever seen—the Max Factor building.

And what was even better was that I was able to go inside!  It has been transformed into The Hollywood Museum and it’s four floors filled with memorabilia. It’s literally packed with displays of costumes, props and photos and it takes more than a few hours to see it all.  The coolest thing about the day I visited was that there was hardly a soul in the place.

Have you ever visited an old house or building and just felt something of its past, especially when you’re alone? It’s creepy but exciting all at the same time. That’s how it felt that day.

With the place being virtually empty, an older glamour-puss taking my money and the old make-up rooms intact I felt as if I’d been transported back in time and was expecting to run into Lana or Lucy or Rita at every corner.

It was an amazing experience…..Hooray for Hollywood!


2 thoughts on “Hollywood Glam

  1. That sounds like a really great museum to visit! The building alone looks phenomenal, not to mention all of the memorabilia inside. I’ve never been to California, but I’d love to go — even if only to watch one of the famous film showings at Hollywood Forever cemetery.

    • This has been my ONLY trip to California and it was only for a few days. You would love this building and its history! I also went into the Roosevelt Hotel and walked around the lobby. Another wonderful building.

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