Happy Valentine’s Day!

Going with my theme of yesterday I decided this morning to go through my old books and look for some illustrations that put me in mind of Valentine’s day and all the hearts and flowers bit.

The Village Blacksmith
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(this is supposed to be the blacksmith’s daughter, I think)

Longfellow (again)
I just really liked the cupid on the cover

The Housekeeper’s Daughter
movie tie-in book from 1943
(Joan Bennett/Adolphe Menjou on the cover)
The Goose Girl
Harold MacGrathThe Shadowless Man
Adelbert Chamisso

An Old Sweetheart of Mine
James Whitcomb Riley

An Old Sweetheart of Mine! — Is this
her presence here with me,
or but a vain creation of
a lover’s memory? 

A fair, illusive vision
that would vanish into air
Dared I even tough the silence
with the whisper of a prayer?
this is but a small section of this lovely poem… 

 Happy Valentine’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. What a great set of images! I collect vintage magazines and didn’t even think to look through them for holiday-related photos (Valentine’s or other)… I might have to start digging through the pile when I get home tonight, though I don’t think I have many February issues.

    • Thanks! I’m afraid I have a pretty lousy camera so I’m glad they came out alright. The magazine collection sounds really interesting! You should post some for the next holiday!

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