DC Book Haunts


My hubby and I are in Washington DC this weekend visiting our two beautiful daughters. I love DC for so many reasons, the museums, the monuments, the history and most especially the bookstores.

There are some great bookstores here that enable me to add to my hoard, oops I meant library of old books. One of my favorites is Second Story Books located in DuPont Circle. Their books are cataloged beautifully and make it easy to hunt for that perfect title. They also have several locked cabinets containing rare books that are way beyond my $50 a book budget, but I do manage to leave a few drool marks on the glass as I dream of taking them home.

Capitol Hill Books near Eastern Market is a slightly more jumbled store but it carries its own charms. It’s so tiny and crammed full of books that it makes me a little claustrophobic, but there are treasures to be found for the patient hunter. I’m really hoping to get there this weekend since it won’t be as hot as my previous visit. Small spaces, loads of people and humidity aren’t conducive to treasure hunting!

Another unique, at least to me, bookstore is Kramer’s Books. It’s unique because it’s a bookstore, restaurant and bar. It’s inventory is new books and it’s a fun place to have Sunday brunch and peruse the shelves while waiting for your table. It’s also located in DuPont Circle.

My last favorite haunt for some used gems is actually an annual sale held, by all things, the State Department. Their annual used book sale is held for several weekends in the fall and is very fun to go to, if only because you get to see a little of the State Department.

Hopefully this weekend I will find a few books to bring home…..I did leave room in the suitcase just in case!



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