New Chapter

My trusty companion Jasmine and I, have recently found ourselves entering a new chapter of our lives, blogging. I never would have thunk in a million years that I would be so bold as to attempt this new (to me) way of expressing myself. I have always been slow to embrace change. CD’s replacing my beloved record albums?–NOT HAPPENING.  Me getting an answering machine?–NEVER. Cell phone, are you NUTS?

Of course this is the 21st century and I LOVE technology and know that my resistance was just stubbornness. When someone tells me I’m supposed to like something I usually decide that I don’t like it much at all. Not logical but this has been what’s kept me from embracing  Oprah book picks and Oscar winning movies. I like the underdogs, hey I’m a HUGE Cleveland sports fan,  so it’s in my DNA. But sometimes I do find myself going with the crowd and loving something despite the fact that I’m not alone in my fanaticism .

So now Jasmine and I begin this new chapter with our jottings! Not the greatest title but it satisfies my adoration of alliteration (o brother that was a little over the top!)


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